milestones | 13 months

10:48 PM

i am certainly blessed to be home with these boys of mine day in and day out. it is the hardest job i've ever done, but also the most rewarding. the hours can feel long, the days at times daunting, but yet at the same time it is like i blinked and went from a single person (which i have no idea how i filled my days anymore) to a mom with a three year old, and a thirteen month old. our days start fast (and early) and end hard. hard as in my face hitting the pillow. occasionally, i capture a few moments like these and my whole world lightens.

these pictures are SO clark and that is why i love them so much...from the big cheesy grin, to the ridiculous half pony tail, his face in the fan, full blast. peek-a-boo with any item in sight. my heart is full. god is good all of the time.

  • has eight (painfully, well-earned) teeth!
  • hounds down and meat and cheese, hands down his father's son
  • obsessed with electrical cords, chargers, the cord on my blow dryer and flat iron, he is a whole new level of obsessed. it is ridiculous and driving me a little mad. 
  • mastered use of the fork, the spoon is a work in progress
  • loves yogurt, strawberries, and raspberries
  • not partial to his veggies
  • taunts me and RUNS laughing hysterically
  • has learned to ditch the diaper and then again…RUN
  • sustained his first good knock on the noggin. don't worry he's all healed up and just fine.
  • occasionally SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT, this is BIG for us
  • tries to say "up", "puh puh"
  • kisses the air ninety percent of the time when asked for a kiss (but hey it's the thought that counts right…)
  • attends the sunday school nursery, he is not real keen on it yet, but we're working on it, thank you to all who snuggle on him.
  • is the epitome of monkey see, monkey do
  • has learned to open all of the cabinets and all the drawers!
  • discovered how to open the toilet seat and shred the toilet paper
  • has started to join in on story time with holland and i

and there we have it. life just got a little crazier. but looks really stinking good a lot of the time.


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