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We went ahead and celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday prior to, just a small gathering of our immediate family (only hubby had to work and sadly couldn't join us, but lots of left-over were brought home for him). My mom insisted she do a turkey, all the sides, multiple desserts, the whole deal, even though we all had plans to celebrate again on Thursday. Though I thought it silly (and a lot of work!) we joined in. I am SO glad we did. Little did we know, our Holland would come down with his first raging fever the night before Thanksgiving. Talk about timing. Today is day three and he is finally on the mend. So, needless to say, we canceled our plans and stayed in, just the three of us.

It was a far from "traditional" Thanksgiving, but joyous none-the-less. We took a morning walk, stopped by a coffee shop, listened to lots of music, watched a lot of Curious George, dished out a lot of pedialite, and a lot of infant tylenol. And despite Holland being ill, it was actually quite enjoyable. And the little guy even managed to have a dance party or two. We cooked up my husband's favorite dish of Korean chicken (I shared this recipe here a few days ago) and snuggled in. Once my husband went to a nearby friends on a dessert recon mission that is. ;) 

All in all, the consensus was that it was a very good day, and though there was no turkey, no potatoes or yams, we were together and that is what really matters. And thanks to some friends, there was dessert! Being together was enough to be thankful for. And that our son simply had a fever and nothing worse. We hope however you spent your day, it was joyous too regardless of the circumstance.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Here are a few photos snapped from our early celebration. I must say, looking at these photos makes me grin ear to ear. Can you tell Holland was the light of the night? I can't even imagine life prior to this little kiddo anymore. One thing I know, is there was a whole lot less laughter before him, from all of us. Holland, we are thankful for you buddy.

He comes running into the kitchen like this ^^^
Selfies with grandpa.
Sillies with auntie.
Giggles with uncle.

Shoes to fill.
This one melts my heart. Grandpa snuggles.

and grandma time!


Until next time!

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