3:28 PM

 Merry Christmas!

We are in Oregon and had a sweet Christmas with our boy, surrounded by family, though slightly sleep deprived. Holland decided to make it a memorable Christmas by sleeping maybe two hours Christmas Eve night, and that is if you add up all the ten and twenty minute dozes he took. ;) His first official all-nighter. We may be in for it folks!

Last night, however was day three of our little holiday vacation and his sleep schedule was back to that of at home (well…close enough). Praise the Lord for that!

Sleepless or not, we had a very merry Christmas. We are lucky to be surrounded by many loved ones. For that I give thanks.


Meals! Week 9 and the Christmas spirit

1:19 PM

No recipes to share with you this week but I'll give you a post anyway. We are scrounging this week. I went to the grocery store only picking up a couple essentials, like bread, and maybe a little chocolate...but that's it. We are out of town for the holidays and I hate knowing food is sitting in the fridge spoiling, so we are using the bits and pieces we have. Our fridge was due for a good clean anyhow. ;) And what better time to do it?

This weeks (not so grand) meals…

Monday: Thai honey peanut chicken (left-overs!)
Tuesday: Fish sticks and tots, yep, I found a few left in the freezer, and wa-la! Dinner at its finest ;)
Wednesday: Roasted squash and quinoa
Thursday: Fried rice
Friday: Fried egg sandos
Saturday: Pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes (maybe, if I scrounge enough basil in our garden)
Sunday: Pasta left-overs or eggs and rice

And well, there you have it. Not the most healthful, but there are a few veggies in there right? Carrots and peas in the rice, and uh...we will count the squash so I feel a little better. :)

Which brings us to Christmas. First of all, can you believe Christmas is just about here?

And secondly, have you noticed the Christmas spirit? 

The past few days, I have ran into quite a few very nice strangers. It is like everyone is in the Christmas spirit. People have insisted on getting and taking back our shopping carts, opening doors, and kindly greeting us, even in the hustle and bustle. Everyone seems to be doing just a little bit more. Buying drinks for the person behind them..using manners. The Christmas spirit is surely out there. And what a difference it makes. After all, it is the little things that can make the biggest difference. Right? If only we didn't reserve this type of "behavior" for one time a year.

I'm not a big New Years resolution maker, but perhaps this year I will make it my personal goal to do the "extra" things all year, not just in December. Life gets busy, I totally understand that, but is a little more effort that hard? I guess we will see!

Merry (almost) Christmas my friends.


Meals! Week 8

10:00 PM

Better late than never, right?

Here is what we have eaten thus far and will eat the rest of the week...

The pumpkin chowder is a winner thus far. We topped ours with goat cheese, and subbed the fresh marjoram with fresh thyme. Oh, it is so good. Don't skimp yourself. ;)

I'll say now, there will be no menu come Christmas through New Years. We will be doing impromptu meals visiting family so you guys are on your own. I am sure you will survive. 

Monday: Shrimp and pesto toasts, steak and cole slaw (Yes, we feasted. We joined our meal with my parents this week) Great visit, great food.
Tuesday: Pasta, pesto and mushrooms
Wednesday: Pumpkin chowder with goat cheese
Thursday: Left-overs
Friday: Eggs over rye, greens
Saturday: Thai honey peanut chicken (I told you this one was a winner. See Meals! Week 6)
Sunday: TBD -gift exchange

Does anyone have any recipes to pass along to me this week? I will gladly accept them!


A teething child...

9:11 PM

and just like that, all routine is out the window.

Bedtime? What's that? Naps? Huh?
But hey, Holland's first tooth cut Sunday morning.

1 down 2 down...how many to go?

So long gummy smile. I'm not quite sure I am quite ready for that sweet little grin to be filled with teeth, but I guess you are!

Oh, and happy 5 months sweet boy!

How'd that happen?


Meals! Week 7

10:24 PM

Another meal post already. Whew, the weeks are really flying by. Speaking of which, Holland is 21 weeks old already! I can't even believe it. And Christmas is almost here (sort of). With time flying as fast as it has been, I know it will be here and gone before we know it. This month is an exciting one. Baby's first Christmas. And…after the 19th, my husband will be free of classes, at least for a few weeks. I cannot wait for some family time!

Ok, onto meals…

Monday: Kale & quinoa pilaf
Tuesday: Yesterday's left-overs
Wednesday: Beet, arugula & goat cheese grilled cheese (Yes! Cheese!! Goat's cheese doesn't seem to bother Holland. We made this lovely discovery last week.)
Thursday: Salmon, lentils & greens
Friday: Holiday potluck at our church. We will contribute a winter squash casserole.
Saturday: Winter vegetable soup and sausages
Sunday: Left-overs

As you may have noticed, I don't hardly ever make the same dishes over and over again. I LOVE to try new recipes. We are beginning to build a pretty decent list of favorites, however. Perhaps I will have to compile those. On a side note, you know what is sort of funny? Whether you are reading this or not, I now find myself checking back at my own blog several times a week as a quick, easy way to grab the recipes I need to in order to get dinner going. So…this post is actually one that is helpful for myself and hopefully you as well.  I always love a good tried and true recipe. :)

Where do you get your recipes from?


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