let's move!

8:54 PM

so we just talked moving as in the blog (obviously if you're here, you found me, here at malloriecooper.com) but we are also moving in the non-blog world! it's not a big move, but i am beginning to think, it may as well be. i think the work is almost the same. really though, it's not big, we're moving like a mile away, maybe. no joke.

so the house is in disarray, there are boxes everywhere, and i mean everywhere and i've packed up all but just a few daily items and our clothing. monday is the day, but the i-couldn't-procrastinate-to-save-my-life part of me started packing on tuesday, i think. so until then, we will live in boxes.

when i first began packing it was really bittersweet. as excited as i am for our new place to call home, it's not like we had to move, we chose it, we've called this our home for the past three (amazing) years. we totally put our hearts into this little old place and some major elbow grease too (read about our move here for old times sakes). but now, as i am finishing puttying up all the little holes we put in the walls from things hung and stacking up the boxes in some attempt to be organized, it is becoming much less bitter and much more sweet. i am so thankful for this roof that has been over our head, for the memories that have been made, for this little old home with all its old home charm, being my husband and i's first house and really first project together, to bringing home our sweet babe here, for learning to garden, learning to paint, sand and scrape many years of old paint away, change fixtures and old faceplates and door knobs out, to really learning how to keep a home. we did it all here. we, as a family, have grown so much in this small space and now it is just about time to say our farewell to this little old place. i am so thankful for the memories made, the memories that we will carry with us. i also can't help to be excited for what is in store for us next (even if its just a mile away), not so much for the home (though it definitely has it's perks, like a dishwasher), but for how we will be grown in this new little place. for the memories we will make there, for the garden we will plant in what will be our first backyard, for the things to come. for the day we bring home our next sweet babe, for making what is now only a house into our home. for this new journey ahead. but we will always remember our first humble abode for simply that, our first house in which we made into a home. it's been a beautiful time here.

here is for things to come. and here is a trip down memory lane (in black and white none-the-less because it's just best that way).

march 2011. we moved in and started painting.

i promise i got some on the walls too ;)

waiting for our holland. june 2012.

july 2012. 

newborn glory.

can you tell we were new parents? grins for days and sleepless nights.

sweet snuggles.
nothing like a little dad chest. ;)

check out those cheeks and thighs.

september 2012. adjusting to new roles.

sweet, sweet dreams little fella.

our first christmas as three.

puggle makes four.

kale and figs?

i can crawl!

he grew like a weed!

really, who can say no to dancing in the kitchen? april 2013.

a gutter garden success!

bath boats.

and he's off on two feet!

 holland blur.

and dad kisses to come.

one and counting.

the boy has things to say.

and baths to take.
 and news to share! november 2013.

this makes 4!
a couple of goobers. january 2014.
and here we are.
here's to a whole new chapter. this one was gone in a flash.


and so we went to the beach and stayed until dusk.

7:11 PM

the weather has been nothing short of unbelievable and so we snuck away and went to the beach twice this week, on weekdays, and even in a row. i'm not quite sure how it worked out, but it did, and it was rather amazing. sun shining, the lightest sea breeze, just right. watching our son sort through the same pebbles i did on many afternoons as a child was so pleasing. seeing him in awe of each pebble, piece of seaweed, drift wood, shell, and occasional piece of sea glass. absolutely heartwarming. as he sit sifting through each pebble, we did too, collecting our own treasures along the way, as i remember my parents doing at this very beach. and we began to fill up our own little jar of treasures, of memories. each tiny piece of sea glass to tell a story. there is something so beautifully reminiscent about it. therapeutic really. and before we knew it the afternoon was gone, the sun setting. and so we set for home, but are yearning to go back already.



1:27 PM

isn't baby bed head just the best? ^
it's been a little quiet in these parts as we've enjoyed some time with out-of-town family. this past week my father-in-law has been in town for a visit. along with a day visit from my godmother. mornings have been filled with snuggles and cartoons, afternoons with walks and stories on the couch, almost daily trips to the park, a fishing trip for the boys, i was even sent away for a pedicure. it's been a casual, lovely time. we enjoyed every minute and it went all too fast.

the week ahead will bring more visitors and spring break. it's been a time to look forward to, to say the least. we feel so loved and so blessed.

and in the midst of it all, spring has decided to make it's arrival. i really could not ask for more. this is a beautiful life.

friends until the end ^^


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