Bump Watch: Week 23 {still playing catch up}

11:06 AM

Here is our beautiful growing boy's bump shot at week 23. Our Holland is about 2 pounds now! Today we are just about 24 1/2 weeks. His sweet flutters have turned to jolts. Each one makes me jump. It is quite an odd feeling, and not what I expected at all. Each movement feels like I have hit my funny bone (inside my belly), but without the pain.

Fellow mommas, how would you describe those early kicks?

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  1. How beautiful you are! I wish for nothing but love and prayers for all of you.

  2. I described them as the fault lines shifting. Or not to be gross, but that RUDE intestinal bubbling right before you're about to have serious bathroom issues! It kind of feels like that, just in a much better spot! hahah Enjoy the painless jolts... once the space starts to fill up with baby Holland, he'll look for some more uncomfortable ways to make some room for himself.. LOL Koen practiced his ONE-TWO-PUNCH on my kidneys and tried to "knock a wall out" where my rib cage is in effort to remodel his living quarters. Not so pleasant as the early flutters! lol BUUUUUUTTTTTTT, not to be the debbie downer, its absolutely amazing to watch your newborn, all curled up in a ball asleep and see them stretch out and have that visual of what they were up to in there! And you immediately miss the feeling of a moving babe in your belly once you have him. Although, its about the most fabulous thing to be able to bend over without obstruction! /blog take-over lol

  3. @Olive I can totally see what you mean about the bending over without an obstruction! My husband LOVES to point out my new pregnancy squat when picking things up off the floor. It's a very attractive position of course. ;) And Holland's new found move, a solid kick when I do bend. I have a feeling this guy may be up for some "knock a wall out" remodel efforts soon! Loved your comment! Blog take-over welcomed.

  4. I'm with you girl! I'm almost at the point where I am going to have to ask Dan to shave my legs for me. LoL. Can't wait for our little guys to play together <3

  5. I too am so excited for that!! Summer babes. :)



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