This week {and last weeks} lived and learned

8:57 PM

This weeks lived and learned:

-My one and only black friday purchase consisted of 3 rolls of 59 cent christmas ribbon.

-i *might* have started decorating for Christmas. :)

-I also finished decorating for Christmas. 

-i dropped my first pie on the sidewalk this year. Talk about bummer.

-Holland sits on his own! My baby is growing up WAY too fast.

-i started oil pulling this week. I'm addicted. Will is with me on this one. Seriously, try it. Your mouth will thank you. Make daily your goal. It's easily attainable. I do it in the shower. :)

-I had my first tofurkey this Thanksgiving and it wasn't half bad. Ok, I actually loved it. 14 some odd years of not eating meat and I am just discovering this!?

- i've  been converted to coconut oil. it is delicious and healthy! Thank you father-in-law!

…And last but not least, my baby eats solids!! and he LOVES it. Ok, well he loves sweet potatoes thus far. That's all we've given him. We are taking it slow. I keep hearing of benefits of waiting to start solids..so now I am sort of torn. Moms, dads, friends…input? He has also decided his bedtime is 7pm. Our evenings end early these days, but hey, I'm not complaining. Now if only I could get myself to bed early…

Oh yeah, and Holland swings these days too. Watch out parks, here we come!


Meals! Week 6

7:13 PM

You may have noticed there was no post last week. With family in town and the Thanksgiving holiday we didn't have a whole lot of at-home meals, though we did manage to make a couple. It always seems to go that way with family in town, lots of restaurants, lots of impromptu meals...not that I really mind. I really enjoy eating out, but there is something about home cooked meals. One of the dishes we did get to last week was this Thai Honey Peanut Chicken and Tofu and oh my goodness, it was AMAZING. Yes, it was that good that it deserves all caps.

Here is what we've been eating and will eat this week:

Monday: Shrimp and chive dumplings with mixed greens and cantaloupe
Tuesday: Salmon, lentils and greens
Wednesday: Beef & broccoli
Thursday: Eggs and brown rice 
Friday:Vegetable soup {straight from the freezer! it pays to make big batches} :)
Saturday: Fried rice
Sunday: Tuna and white bean salad

No recipes to share this week, all things I have made before.

Have you had anything tasty as of late?


Photo share: a few holiday favorites and a humbling experience

10:14 PM

On Thanksgiving morning we were humbled by a family from Italy, three young girls, a father, and a mother with one more baby on the way. We were on a tight schedule and our morning was going as so. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen my husband so regimented about the time. We were off to breakfast, then a town over to visit a friend, then back home again, only to scurry off to my mother's for the rest of the day. Well...the breakfast place we intended to go was closed, we were 30 minutes behind, tension was rising, and then my husband missed the turn at our alternative destination, forcing us to go into a parking lot we would have never gone into, and well…our God works in mysterious ways, or maybe they aren't so mysterious. Here was a beautiful family, all together, standing on the side of the curb, asking for help. Immigrants from Italy, the father out of work, the mother expecting, and three young daughters. My heart broke for this family. Though late, it didn't matter anymore. People are what matter, not the places we are "suppose" to be. We did what we could to help.  The details of that aren't what matter, but rather the reminder to *really* look at ALL we have, to be thankful not one day of the year, but every day. I am thankful for this family. They were placed in our lives for mere moments, but I know I will not forget them. I only hope I will see them again, though I know it is unlikely. I would love nothing more but to hear more of their story, to share a part of our lives with theirs. I am thankful for family, for friends, for food and provision, but most of all for reminders like this one.

To Patricia and her family, thank you.

Bugs first Thanksgiving.


Hello there.

10:56 PM

Hey guys,

It's been one heck of a holiday this year! The last two days have been, well a bit hectic, but totally enjoyable. Also, a little loud. I'm currently enjoying the sound of…well, nothing. We have lots of family in town, and everyone has been busy, busy. Holland had a great first Thanksgiving. He's been quite the little trooper, though we are all tired tonight. We've been taking lots of pictures. I will share those with you soon. And we have all eaten WAY too much. I am officially sick of food at this point. Though tomorrow, I will wake up hungry. Funny how that works. You'd think we could stockpile. Nope. But seriously, how convenient would that be?

Tomorrow morning we are off to the farmer's market before we say farewell to a few of our guests. And I just might decorate for Christmas. Just maybe…or at least put Fall away ;)


This weeks lived and learned

6:16 PM


Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
Lived and Learned

-If you haven't been to the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Fransisco, it's a must, especially with kiddos. We went early in the week and had a blast! Between the slides, food, waterfall, bowling, skating, and carousel, there is really no reason to go elsewhere.

-Being a parent is such a gift. Life seems as it would be so dull without Holland. I can hardly imagine it anymore, and it's only been 4 months.  By nature, we are SO selfish. I think children reveal just how much so. I am learning to be less self-focused. And it is a really good thing.

-Holland has found his feet! I've been waiting for this day, what entertainment they provide! Still no rolling action going on here though, he is not the slightest bit interested, and that's ok with me. I know my days of finding him exactly where I put him are numbered.

-Honey is such a powerful medicine! I've been reading more about it, and seriously, it is like the cure-all! It kicked my sore throat within hours. The hot peppers may have helped too. ;) Next up, getting rid of this cough.

-I'm starting not to dread winter as much. Seriously, I use to hate it. But so far, I'm ok with it...for the first time. 

-Who has started their Christmas tunes? We are totally guilty, and I feel just fine about it. Are you one of those people with the "no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving" rule? 

-Woot woot!! Family comes into town tomorrow and keeps on coming up until Thursday. I am so excited. We tend to travel for the holidays, but this year family is coming to us! It's a treat.

-Lastly, do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? We have been thinking a lot about what traditions we may or may not want to start now that we've got our Holland here with us.


Meals! Week 5

9:44 AM

Not a whole lot of fancy cooking going on here this week, but we do have some fancy new windows! Ok, not fancy, but new. So long single panes! Though the old windows are cute, they are not practical. Monday and Tuesday we weren't in the kitchen at all. In fact, the house was a crazy mess so we just sort of stayed out of the way the best we could. Tuesday we snuck away on an impromptu day trip to San Francisco. It was glorious, and seriously, the weather couldn't have been better.

Ok, so what are we eating the rest of the week?

Beef and broccoli (yep, a repeat meal. See Week 3)
Lentil sheperd's pie

Last night I made sesame veggie noodles with tofu. Another repeat meal from last week with a few alterations. This week I added a little ponzu to the oyster sauce and plopped in some tofu. The result, scrumptious. Left-overs for lunch today!

This week was all about easy. The sheperd's pie will be my one big endeavor.

What did you cook this week?


Lived and learned

7:33 PM

The weeks just keep on flying by. Seriously, I don't even know where the time goes. Do any of you feel like that? Anyhow, this weeks lived and learned (not that I actually posted last week or the week before that). Back to that time thing, where does it go?

-My son has his 4 month appointment tomorrow! I cannot believe it.
-I'm getting pretty excited about Christmas already even though we haven't made it through Thanksgiving yet…is it too early to decorate? ;)
-Why am I so tired? Holland is a great night sleeper. Arrg.
-I'm finally getting use to this whole dairy free thing and I am AMAZED at the amount of dessert I use to eat which I can no longer. My body probably thanks me.
-I love BONES (the tv series). Netflix finally got last season on dvd so we can finally watch it! What shows do you watch?
-These are on my wishlist, or Holland's rather. Best blankets ever. I can't wait to try this thicker version.


Meals! Week 4

6:51 PM

Did anyone try last weeks recipes? The beef and broccoli was definitely a hit. As were the shrimp and chive dumplings I've been talking about. There will be a whole lot more of those! I LOVED them.

Here is this weeks meal plan…all quick, easy stuff. I'm not a fan of being in the kitchen all day for dinner. And, it's really not necessary. Great meals don't have to take forever. :)

Monday: Dinner at my parent's house
Tuesday: Udon noodle soup
Wednesday: Brown rice and veggies
Thursday: Fried egg sandwiches
Friday: Honey sesame chicken {crockpot recipe}, glazed carrots and tofu


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