tree hunting | 2016

9:51 PM

tradition. i'm a sucker for it. a true creature of habit. our daily, monthly, yearly rhythms...i rely on them. maybe that's why i love this time of the year so much, it's full of it. our annual trip to our favorite christmas tree farm has to be one of my favorites. but that's no news to you if you've been around these parts a while. it's the only lot our boys have ever known. it's a place where they can run wild and free, a place with familiar faces, owned by a dear friend that has become family, and a fill-in grandpa for our little cuties as family is far away. i feel like i was just sharing a post, much like this one, yesterday, yet another year has passed. our blonde-haired boy's precious locks have been freshly cut, giving way to a much more toddler and very boy appearance, h has sprouted up like a bean pole, and my belly has rounded out with our third boy due in three months. 
come fall, this is a lively place for us with pumpkins in october, cut and living trees as fall gives into winter, and fresh eggs from the coup with each drop in visit. i am so thankful to be able to share these simple, yet life-giving things with our boys, especially as city dwellers ourselves. it is these events, these days, that stick in my mind most.

the sun fading away, sticky candy cane fingers, big grins, clark ringing the cowbell, the sheep in the pasture, h digging with a full-sized shovel to his very heart's content, a sight briskness in the air. no bulky, loud toys, no television on, just a big old breath of nature followed by tired-eyes, and a quiet drive home.



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