family video

11:20 PM

Sometimes the most beauty is found in the most mundane. We try so hard to give our kids our all, to make the big trips to the zoo or Disney, the newest aquarium, or museum, and we shell out some big bucks in the process. However, it's those day to day, sometimes mundane moments where the magic consistently happens. It's in the heart of the home, at the breakfast table, during the trips to the grocery store, the post office, park, or during the bedtime routine where their souls are shaped & molded day after day. And it is these simple, heart forming, relationship building moments I hope to remember most.

Fortunately, our friend and neighbor accompanied us to the park this week. She created a beautiful video of a simple evening at the park to remind us of this. I am completely awestruck by it. My perspective has been renewed, and I am so thankful for that. I am encouraged to grab these moments tightly and hold on. I love my family something fierce. Thank you Liz Valentine Photography for giving us a gift we will hold onto for all of our days.


Settling In

9:27 PM

Let me tell you, there's something about having a baby in the house that changes everything. Our whole dynamic is different in the sweetest of ways. H often tells me he wants "100 babies", and to tell you the truth, he just might be onto something. If he had it his way, we would have a baby in our home forever. If we had it my way, I probably would to. Maverick is my peace in the chaos. He is easy going and cheerful. If I were to describe him in one word, it would be joy. He beams. Sure, it's hard juggling three sometimes, but boy, I wouldn't change it. We are settling in just fine around here. His brothers love for him runs deep and so does ours.

P.S. all photos are by Jana Contreras Photography


family of five

2:21 PM

My dear neighbor and photographer blessed us with these beautiful images as we settle in as a family of five. I will cherish these captures forever with our Mavi just five days old, Clark navigating big brotherhood for the first time (and doing so beautifully), and Holland and his love for all photos being those of silly faces. He is preschooler through and through. Thank you Liz Valentine Photography for giving us images to hold onto of this sweet season and capturing us just where we are at, in one of our favorite places, all together, at home, as the rain pours down. This life is something else. Mothering three boys has been a beauty I could not have imagined.








birth story

welcome maverick jude

12:17 PM

pc: liz valentine photography
"ten hours new"
Maverick Jude entered the world February 28, 2017, at 8:12 am after just six hours of labor. He weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long with a head circumference of 14.5 inches, making him our biggest baby to date, and our only early baby debuting one week before his expected due date. His labor began hard and fast about 2 am. Between 2 am and 3 am contractions went from 10 minutes apart to about 3 minutes apart leaving us scrambling to get care for the big boys quick. Fortunately, the hospital is close. We rushed off, arriving to labor and delivery at 4 am. With just enough time to get dressed into a gown and find the delivery bed my water broke. I was nearing 7 cm in an immense amount of pain with excruciating pressure in my lower back. It was nearly impossible to sit or lie down. The anesthesiologist (aka the hero) arrived shortly after and put n epidural in place which I nearly didn't have time for. Within five minutes I was pushing....and pushing...and every which way imaginable, as I had full feeling of my legs and feet despite the epidural, and was even able to squat for most of the time. For two hours we continued to work this boy out as we watched, wide-eyed,  my belly move this way and that from little knees that were facing forward. Our Maverick was OP (occiput posterior) with his head against my back. My nurse and husband continued to rub my lower back and fight back his pressure with more pressure. After nearly an hour of squatting and simultaneously pushing I finally felt baby engage. He was delivered OP after exactly two hours of pushing just as the vacuum was called in. I never, in my life, imagined it would be so difficult to get him out. Being a third baby I figured he'd practically deliver himself as I literally pushed one time with my last birth delivering a 9 pound 1 ounce baby. This boy gave us a run for our money. He arrived pink as can be, but totally covered in vernix. He was placed directly on my chest scoring 9's and 10's on his apgar. After a few minutes his cord was clamped, and placenta delivered. He stayed with me the next two hours in recovery before being weighed. It was heavenly, and he is huge! My midwife was quiet and calm, only reassuring me he would indeed come. Several times I was sure they were going to send me to c-section as progress seemed stalled, but never was it mentioned. I worked hard, as did everyone in that room to get him out. I laughed, moaned, yelled, and watched the sun come up just before he entered the world. After a two-night hospital stay (as my oldest caught the stomach flu the day we were to come home) we are back home as a family of five. Holland & Clark are in love with their much anticipated baby brother, and after weeks and weeks of sickness which lead all the way up to birth, we are finally all healthy. Baby is eating like a champion. I feel great, and we are even getting some sleep. Our family is in town, my husband is off work for three weeks with just class to attend, and our friends and community have rallied beside us with the best of meals nearly every single night. We are blessed indeed.

Mavi Jude, welcome to the world.



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