Life as of late (ish)

9:16 PM

(ish) as in the last month or two. ;)

It's a beautiful life. And these photos remind me just how blessed we are. In the midst of it all, I so often loose track. I want, I ponder things that don't matter. And lately, it has been out of control. The latest and greatest whatnot…this or that outfit…a nursery that looks like just so (yes, I can be outright vain), but what really matters is my family and how I serve them. I want a home filled with joy and laughter, with friends and fellowship, with the warmth that only those things can bring. Not a home filled with stuff that might look nice, but does nothing. 

And above all, I want a heart that earnestly and diligently seeks the Lord. It's time to get my eyes set on what matters. And the rest of it…well it's just stuff.

I'm after more.


Around the house

11:50 PM

Look what I found laying around the nursery today. The cutest little bug, if I do say so myself. I cannot even help myself, I am so in love with this boy. And those toes, I could just eat them up. Holland Cooper, you light up my life.


Meals! Week 11

7:31 PM

Eventually I'll get these posts up before the middle of the week. On second thought, who am I kidding? Probably not. But you can always use this for next week.

Meals! Week 11 (be honest, is anyone sick of these yet?)

Monday: Chinese take-out (yeah baby! a birthday treat despite the house filled with sickness)
Tuesday: Soy ginger salmon
Wednesday: Pesto, potatoes, and eggs
Thursday: Coconut curry with tofu
Friday: Fried rice
Saturday: Birthday celebration for sister!
Sunday: Thai basil shrimp (this is a new one for us, does it look amazing, or does it look amazing?) ;)

And well…that's that. Another week of meals in the Cooper household. It won't be long until Holland will get to join in on the goodness. Tonight he got to sample the tofu. It was a hit, but pretty much if he can feed it to himself, it is always a hit. I sometimes forget he isn't a completely dependent little blob anymore. He's got an agenda these days and an opinion, which he is learning to voice.

Scooting, rolling, playing, jumping, rolling, eating…it all goes by way too fast.


Just hanging around...

11:42 AM

We've had a lot of days like this lately. Just sort of hanging around. Since last Thursday actually. That is when this nasty sickness hit. Myself, my husband, and then baby…on my birthday none-the-less. Sort of cruel, but we made the best of it. Red box movies and take-out chinese. It wasn't half bad. Except for the cleaning up barf part. Anyhow, we *might* venture out today. Maybe. Just maybe. We sure hope you've avoided what is going around out there.


Last day of 22...

8:20 PM

It's my last day of twenty-two. Twenty-three just seems so…old (I know, I's not).
Twenty-two has been the best year yet.
And to celebrate tonight…a giant batch of cookies, because I just learned you could use coconut oil instead of butter. Oh hello chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It's been a while with my dairy-free child. ;)

And now for a photo montage in no such order.

See ya tomorrow twenty-three!


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