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maternity photos with jana contreras

2:23 PM

as this pregnancy draws to an end, i wanted to take a moment to share a few photos with you from the lovely jana contreras. last week, at 36 weeks pregnant, we loaded up and headed out to taylor mountain after weeks of rain. it was so good to feel some sun on our skin and breathe in deep. we snapped a few photos, the boys climbed some rocks, took a couple runs, and were really good sports about partaking in a few poses. you might even say they liked it. there also might have been a chocolate bribe at the end.

i'm not going to lie, this pregnancy has been hard. four pregnancies in five years will do that to you, but it is so special to have these photos to remember the easier moments with. joy, pain, tears, laughter,'s growing all of us, knitting us tighter together, and that my friends is the family i've dreamt of having. boy, do i love this crew of mine.

thank you jana for capturing such a special time for us!


and of course, the obligatory rugger pose. could you expect anything less?
 he makes our lives a whole lot more exciting.


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