Life as of late

9:45 PM

We've been spending lots of time around the house lately. Life as of late has been filled with play, naps,   food and well more play, then bed time. :) As you can see, some pretty cool tower building has been going on too, complementary of dad and Holland play time. Holland eats three huge meals these days, along with quite a few nursing meals these days. He has six teeth! And still naps twice a day, then goes to bed at seven. So…basically between naps and meal time, it leaves a little time for play (and hopefully a walk so we can get out of the house) before bath and bed. He also is a full blown crawler now and LOVES to go around the house closing all the doors. The days are flying by, especially since they end at seven when Holland goes to bed, after which I am housebound.  Though I've gotten a little stir crazy here and there, I am enjoying our time.

We are also gearing up to get our garden in order. The sun is shining, and it is giving us all spring fever I think. I've been doing some research on vertical gardens (since our space is really limited). And I've been dreaming about this vertical succulent garden. I think we may give it a go. Gutter gardens too. I am determined to get a patio set out there along with our garden and hopefully a little (and I mean little) patch of grass for Holland and the dog. Maybe a barbeque too. This yard space I am talking about is more like a tiny alley way really. We will see what comes of it. I may be dreaming. You'd probably laugh out loud if you saw the space I am talking about.

I am also still meal planning for those of you wondering, I just haven't been sharing with you. Not every week is super exciting, and well, sometimes I just get plain lazy when it comes to posting. I'll get back on it. Through this meal planning business, we have definitely found a few new favorites, and repeat meals like the Thai honey peanut chicken that can be found here. I've been making a tofu version of this also adding tofu and spinach (in replace of the chicken) with chopped peanuts of top. I can't get enough. Right now, I could eat it daily.

Anyhow, that is a brief little update on us. How are you?


A special visit from GEORGIA!

9:44 PM

This last weekend we had some very special visitors. My brother and sister-in-law made a trip from Georgia to come meet their nephew! It was a quick but well enjoyed trip. And I think Holland quite enjoyed his Auntie and Uncle. We sure did.

We did our best to fit in what we could and snap a few pictures. However, I wish we had more. Wine tasting, chinese, bowling, omelets, sushi, church, coffee shops, In and Out, visiting, farkle, good old family time. I'd say we did pretty good for two days, but it really did fly by.

It's a shame distance makes frequent visits difficult. But we will be keeping our eye on ticket prices.

And with that said, baby will also be venturing on his first flight next month (any flight/packing tips totally welcome). It is time for some family time on Oahu. (Dogsitter anyone?? ;) ) This little boy has great grandparents eager to meet him along with a long line of other family members. And we have a new baby to meet! I cannot wait! My baby seems rather grown up already.

We are fortunate to have family like we do even if a little distance separates us.

Thanks for making the trip out Stephen and Melissa! We love you!



Meals! Week 12 & 13

8:06 PM

I somehow have an almost 7 month old. I am astounded. My baby is getting big. And he crawls now. It isn't a perfected yet, but I'm pretty sure in about a week he will be zipping around this place! Time to secure the cupboards we've been putting off. Our Holland now has four teeth, yes, FOUR. I am going to miss that little gummy smile, but luckily this one is looking pretty cute too. I just hope those top two teeth are closer together than they are appearing right now. ;) Braces may be in our future. Ha, who am I kidding, they are totally in our future. My husband and I both had them.

Anyhow, back to meals. Better late than never, right?

This should catch us up.

Meals! Week 12

Monday: Dinner out
Tuesday: Udon with steamed salmon
Wednesday: Mongolian beef and brown rice (the meat was pretty tough according to my husband, but that could have been my fault on the cut I chose…london broil?)
Thursday: Homemade pizza!
Friday: Pizza left-overs :)
Saturday: Pan Bagnat: le french tuna salad sandwich (so good and it's suppose to sit, so a sandwich you actually should make ahead!)
Sunday: Superbowl snacks all day

Meals! Week 13

Monday: Dinner with friends
Tuesday: An evening in San Francisco ( Hubby had left-over pizza from Whole Foods and I ate oatmeal before we left) Ha! We don't always cook. ;)
Wednesday: Winter citrus salad (I'm eating this now. It is fabulous and I am ready for seconds)
Thursday: Shaved brussels sprouts and soba with a ginger honey sauce
Friday: White bean and tapenade spread on toasts
Saturday: Potato galettes & chicken apple sausage (We are adding in carrots and zucchini to get our veggies in)
Sunday: Slow cooker recipe!! Peppered beef shank in red wine sauce over polenta

Happy mid-week friends!


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