Happy St. Patrick's Day {Why today is special to me}

11:20 AM

Hello, and happy St. Patrick's Day!

For some today is a day filled with green, getting pinched, much celebration, and of course green beer (which I have never actually had, nor plan to), for others it is no celebration at all, for me it is a joyous day of remembrance. Three years ago today my (now) husband asked me to be his girlfriend, officially. :)

We had met a few months back in an American Sign Language class. He had found a seat next to mine. He was the outspoken one (and still is), I was quiet and shy. I focused on the class. He found ways to point me out in the class. I slumped down into my seat, hoping not to be called to the front of the room for a demonstration, he volunteered me. For all reasons, I should have despised him, however it was quite the opposite. Weeks passed, we became friends...and then, St. Patrick's Day rolled around.

Like many others, we had an evening spent with friends, in celebration of this day called St. Patrick's, however I don't think any of us knew what we were actually celebrating nor much of the history of St. Patrick.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick's_Day, just in case).

Will had invited me out, with his friends. None of which I knew. I suppose it seemed fun to join the crowds downtown and enjoy food/drink. I usually spent the holiday at home, like any other evening, but not this time. And I quite enjoyed myself.

Anyhow, as the evening came to an end, Will and I sat and talked in my car, before I headed home, he began telling me how much he liked spending time together, how he enjoyed our friendship, but how he also didn't just "hang out" with girls, and with that the case, he asked if I would be his girlfriend, officially. The moment was awkward, exciting, and a rush of emotions. Needless to say, I said yes. And from there on out our time together was filled with many AMAZING dates and continues to be, laughter, friends, old and new, sorrow, hardship, love and so much more. There we were, a couple.

Though it hasn't always been easy, it has been so worth it. And here we are three years down the road, against all odds, married, totally in love. Who said there isn't a happily ever after? On that St. Patrick's Day evening, we found ours.

(He's the one in the cool shamrock shades for those who do not know, I am the one behind the camera).

And that is where our story began.

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