Life lately {To sum it all up}

10:44 PM

If only these posts would write themselves. ;)

I've got ideas for posts pilling up. Someday, I will get them here. Stick with me folks!

Life most surely is moving along. We've had some up times lately, a few down times, and well many days simply filled with the daily grind.. I feel like we are kind of just truckin' along right now. No new real exciting news to share.

On a side note, a few things:

1. I am totally stuck on lemons. Lemons in my tea, roasted with potatoes, steamed
with artichokes, on broccoli, in cakes, you name it, I’ve probably done it.
2. I can’t quit making fruit pies…tarts…galettes

3. The secret to the BEST whipped cream is powdered sugar. Why didn’t I discover
this sooner?
4. If you see padrons at the market, grab them! Tasty little peppers, popular in
Spain, and oh so fun to eat! It's all a guess who will get the spicy one! Pepper


5. Keep your eyes out for a new post! Introducing Kids Craft! Fun craft ideas
to do with your kiddos! Coming soon.

Until next time! That's all.

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