Life as of late {according to my cell phone pictures}

10:34 AM

Hi friends,

Life as of late has been busy. Lot's of things going on around here. Here is a little of what our past week or so has looked like.

-Will started his new job and LOVES it!
-The school semester is nearing the end! Woo-hoo. Another one down.
-Lots of cleaning/housework.  I'm in full-nesting mode.
-Our car seat for little Holland arrived! We went with this one and I love it. It is so light! Even with the base on.
-We had a yard sale. Time to make room for this babe!
-We got to spend a day in the country, and I got some much needed quality time with my boys.
-Shower invites have gone out (thanks Sis)
-Will has become a pro balloon-animal maker, well at least when it comes to giraffes and dogs. The Easter bunny left us quite the bag on balloons this year. We've been having fun with them.
-I planted a garden!
-We (the kids I nanny for and I) baked Christmas cookies in April and it was so much fun! Plus we got a park day. Fun stuff.
-We got a new roof! Talk about exciting. No more ugly tarp across half our house nor wet ceiling. Not super ideal.
-I am officially in my 3rd trimester!! 28 weeks and counting!


-We're in Oregon!! Right now actually. Hubby headed up to Portland for rugby playoffs and dropped me off in Ashland for some time with my extended family and a family shower tomorrow!! I am so excited. We will be on the road again Monday morning and back into the swing of work and whatnot early Tuesday.

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  1. This is a great post! Love the quick recap and the photos! Hope Will dominates in the rugby match!

  2. i love the pictures! (i didn't know you guys were having leaks! no fun! i'm glad its fixed now...)

  3. Will did dominate!! Won both games, headed to the regionals next. 4 games away from being national champs!! Woot-woot. Yes, we had some fairly major leakage going on in baby's room-to-be. You guys know all about leaks. We should be returning to a new roof today. It only took them a year to do it ;) Love you guys!



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