Meals! Week 8

10:00 PM

Better late than never, right?

Here is what we have eaten thus far and will eat the rest of the week...

The pumpkin chowder is a winner thus far. We topped ours with goat cheese, and subbed the fresh marjoram with fresh thyme. Oh, it is so good. Don't skimp yourself. ;)

I'll say now, there will be no menu come Christmas through New Years. We will be doing impromptu meals visiting family so you guys are on your own. I am sure you will survive. 

Monday: Shrimp and pesto toasts, steak and cole slaw (Yes, we feasted. We joined our meal with my parents this week) Great visit, great food.
Tuesday: Pasta, pesto and mushrooms
Wednesday: Pumpkin chowder with goat cheese
Thursday: Left-overs
Friday: Eggs over rye, greens
Saturday: Thai honey peanut chicken (I told you this one was a winner. See Meals! Week 6)
Sunday: TBD -gift exchange

Does anyone have any recipes to pass along to me this week? I will gladly accept them!

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