milestones | 6 months

7:00 AM

oh my heart. i want to talk a little about this one, because somehow he is six months old already and i feel like he's barely been mentioned.. and he is worth mentioning. our little clark man is an amazing little fellow (from a totally unbiased view of course), so here's a few things about him...we'll just call these milestones though some really are not.

  • he's crawling! say what?! yep, everywhere
  • he sits up
  • rolls over during pretty much every diaper change
  • hates purees, all of them
  • his first food was a teething biscuit, maybe that's why he hates purees?
  • has been teething most of his life and finally has two little teeth to show for it (on the bottom)
  • is our blue-eyed fella
  • has been to oregon and hawaii
  • goes after anything that makes a crinkle noise
  • prefers to be held close and talked to pretty much all of the time
  • only slept through the night until he was two months old, and hasn't ever since
  • has never took a bottle despite our efforts
  • lights up like no other when he sees his brother
  • almost always has his tongue out
  • makes the saddest sad face you've ever seen
  • is the definition of a "happy spitter"
  • still sleeps in a bassinet in our room because he's up just about every two hours
  • has hair that has changed from dark brown, to light brown, to the faintest red, to blonde
  • is nearing twenty pounds 
  • has arm rolls, thigh rolls, the whole sh-bang
  • has pretty much the best little laugh ever (p.s. he's super ticklish)

ok, so that in no way gives him justice, but at least it catches us up a little.

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