clark's first birthday

12:49 AM


today clark turned one. i can hardly believe a year has passed, nor that i now have a three year old and a one year old. it honestly feels like yesterday we were walking into this same house as a new family of four, infant swing placed in the kitchen, newborn swinging to and fro, new found big brother peering in. these days the hum of the swing no longer fills the kitchen, rather replaced with the pitter patter of sticky feet circling the table, laughter following close behind.

here we are, you're one. to celebrate we grabbed a couple close friends and nearby family and invited them over for cake and ice cream. early in the day we decorated and i finished up baking your cake as you snoozed away. holland was my assistant and in charge of balloon placement and handing me the paper streamers. we said goodbye to grandpa come afternoon, who'd spent the last week with us, and headed to the toy store for h to pick out a special gift for you, a doctor kit, because, "clarky is always stealing my doctor kit so now he can have one of his own". come evening you blew out your first candle, we dished up cake and ice cream and helped you open a few presents. all of it was really simple and really nice. we told our guests goodbye, you played with your new loot, and off to bed you and holland went, happy as clams. 

now i sit, with only the sound of running fans and the crackle of the baby monitor and sift through these photos. i feel such gratitude. gratitude for our beautiful family, gratitude for the two small boys that have been brought into our lives, gratitude for a strong marriage, family that loves us, friends that feel like family, and this little old house that holds so many of our memories. in a few months we will likely move and i know there is so much i will miss about this place. but for now, i am doing my best to cherish where we are right this minute; savoring our boys, the last days of summer, the bright light that fills each room.

clark cooper, we are so glad you joined our family, that your laughter fills the space inside these walls and fills our hearts to the absolute brim, for your sweet, tender, sometimes overly sensitive spirit, and your mischievous little grin that i am certain will get you into trouble in the years to come, for your silly little games, and the way you spin in the kitchen and stomp your feet over the entrance of the basement because it's really loud and you like it. happy first birthday baby bird. we love you.



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  1. the boys cakes turned out so nicely! i like how you placed figurines on the tops of them. :-)

    1. thank you! it's my way of building our schleich animals collection. i can't resist them!



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