pumpkin patch | 2015

11:22 PM

we got ourselves together this week and made it to the pumpkin patch. it was magical. in some ways it feels like just yesterday we walked the same patch, a newborn clark in tow, snug against me in his carrier, holland running to his heart's content putting every pumpkin he came in contact with in the wagon behind him, certain he had to find "no noggins head" (thank you curious george), us, hand in hand doting on our new little family of four. what change a year can bring and how fast they go.

like last year, we went on a week day at dusk, because there is no better time. warm evenings, dwindling crowds, the setting sun. i have fallen in love with fall, and with these few captured moments. my mamma heart wells up to see my children run wild and free like this. no tv or ipods or ipads, no toys or distractions. not a care in the world.

how is it that something as simple as a pumpkin patch makes me question what is is we are doing, this road that we are on, every single time? because surely, it does. would it be better just to stop it all, the busyness, schooling, loans, find a few acres and a farmhouse in some quiet little midwestern town, raise our children and work our land living quaint and small? i don't know, but some days it sounds rather dreamy.

october, stay a wile.




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