family video

11:20 PM

Sometimes the most beauty is found in the most mundane. We try so hard to give our kids our all, to make the big trips to the zoo or Disney, the newest aquarium, or museum, and we shell out some big bucks in the process. However, it's those day to day, sometimes mundane moments where the magic consistently happens. It's in the heart of the home, at the breakfast table, during the trips to the grocery store, the post office, park, or during the bedtime routine where their souls are shaped & molded day after day. And it is these simple, heart forming, relationship building moments I hope to remember most.

Fortunately, our friend and neighbor accompanied us to the park this week. She created a beautiful video of a simple evening at the park to remind us of this. I am completely awestruck by it. My perspective has been renewed, and I am so thankful for that. I am encouraged to grab these moments tightly and hold on. I love my family something fierce. Thank you Liz Valentine Photography for giving us a gift we will hold onto for all of our days.

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