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Can I just say that the love of our Savior absolutely blows my mind? I think to myself, who am I that my God would look on me with love? What did I do to deserve this life? And the answer is simple. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. All to him I owe.

As this year is coming to an end, I cannot help but reflect back. This year has been crazy, wonderful, and so much more. God has provided so much. To name a few, He provided me with a safe home in Santa Rosa, a new and very practical car, the proper amount of finances, plus a few extra dollars each month, opportunities to serve, 2 plane tickets to Hawaii (1 to celebrate 2 lives coming together, and 1 to celebrate the end of a life) a generous wedding budget, and oh ya, a husband!! He has answered countless more prayers. So I ask again, how great is our God? I mean seriously!

Take this past week for example. My worries this week have been how am I going to pay this months rent, plus rent when we leave to our honeymoon, and with what money am I going to possibly buy groceries with. Well, when our God says we should trust him, not worry, and that He will provide for us, just as he does the flowers in the field and the birds in the sky, we should do exactly that.

Here is what my God provided for me this week alone:
-a whole bag of homemade tamales, veggie for me, and not spicy meat ones for Will (or wimpy as we like to call them)
-a paid week and a half off work for the holidays
-a very generous gift card to a local restaurant downtown
-and even a gift card to Savory Spice shop!!

*NOTE how not only did God provide, but he threw in the extras as well. I was worried about having food to eat, and paying bills, and not only did I get food and finance, but spices too!

I will leave you with this. God gave me this verse early this week and it has not left my head since.."The Lord is the one who is going ahead of you. He will be with you. He will not leave you or abandon you. So don't be afraid or terrified." Deuteronomy 31:8

AMEN to that!

Happy Holidays everyone.

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