Recipe Share: Blueberry Bread, Lemon Bars & Meringues!

11:40 AM

Well, I am back to posting and have some recipes to share. Lately, I have been totally into making my own bread. It is tasty, makes the house smell delicious, dirt cheap, and relatively easy, you just have to be patient. :) A few weeks back a friend shared a No Knead Bread recipe. I have used the recipe at least 6 or 7 times already, maybe more. Since, I have been fooling around with the very basic recipe by adding my own add-ins to spruce up the bread a bit. Don't get me wrong, it is delicious as is, but variety is fun too. I have made a cinnamon raisin bread, wheat bread, seeded bread and blueberry bread. Get creative, make your own loaf to suit your taste.

Follow the recipe as is...then add in a few extras before you mix your bread all up. For the blueberry bread I added about a cup of fresh blueberries, a generous amount of vanilla extract and a touch of sugar.  Use your judgement on the breads consistency. If it seems too wet add a bit of flour, too dry a bit of water. You get the point.

And while I'm at it, I wanted to share a  Lemon Bar recipe with you. It was made for a friend's shower. My favorite thing about these bars are their vibrant color! Thank you egg yolks. Trust me, it is worth all those egg yolks, save your whites. It'll give you an excuse to make some of those delicious little meringue cookies!

Note: when you strain your lemon bars you can save the lemon curds and use it to spread on a warm or toasted slice of blueberry bread or whatever bread you've got around. It is good, and resourceful!

If you saved your whites, chocolate chip meringue cookies can be found here. They're gluten free :)

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