Double-Duty Decorating: Fabric Gift Wrap

4:00 PM

Well guys, as things are settling down around here, I figured it is time to get some posts in! I have many new recipes to share, lots of photos and such, it is just a matter of getting it down here. That is always the most challenging part for me!

Let's get things started with another double-duty decorating idea! Simple as can be and resourceful. Fabric scrap wrapping. Wrapping paper that is. :)

A couple weeks ago I was going to a friend's bridal shower. Anyhow, I was timely about purchasing the gift, but when it came to wrapping I realized that quite frankly, I had nothing to wrap it in. I don't know about you, but I always do this! I focus on the gift, always forgetting the wrap part of it (with Christmas seeming to be the exception).

So…I turned to my craft box, pulled out some fabric scraps, and began cutting away. I cut big squares of fabric for the gifts, ribbon like pieces to hold the fabric together and WALA, with a bit of wrapping and some tying, wrapped gifts in no time. No tape necessary. :)

I think the final product came out very cute! A good solution when you are in a pinch!

What's your thoughts? To do, or not to do?

<3 Mal

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  1. ah so cute! i like the bows! that fabric is awesome!



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