A world away

10:35 PM

With so much going on around us lately, hubs and I packed up today for a long overdue date day. Better yet, one where most of the day there was no cell service, no 3G, no interruptions. We headed straight to Corte Madera where we browsed the lovely Free People store and loathed after items in Anthropologie. We actually made a great find! A lamp to hang in our dining room on sale from $198 to $34! It's like this one, but a more round, slightly bigger version. The square one would have been a lot of fun too! It is quite unique fasted out of burlap, wood, and cardboard rings for the shade. I do however like it in its uniqueness. Later we enjoyed a delicious shrimp scampi lunch, then we headed for the 1, Highway 1 that is. We slowly made our way home along the coast, stopping at various places and towns. How I have missed the ocean! There is nothing quite like that Northern California salty ocean breeze. I long for that smell, that smell is warm childhood memories, and brisk laughter-filled nights. What peace the stillness of the deep blue brings. I felt like we were a world away today. It was blissful. My love, the ocean breeze, great food, and good company, and some new tunes along the way. Our final stop before home was a delicious ice cream shop. Lavender and Chocolate Sin for me and Strawberry Rose sorbet for Will. What better way to end the day?

Where is your getaway?

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  1. sounds like you two had a wonderful day. praying for you, love you so much!



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