Bump Watch: 31 weeks!

8:30 PM

Well, our little Holland's mustache bash was a success! My sister and a group of girlfriends worked so hard to make it all come together, and it really was great. I'm still waiting on photos to share. I actually took none. I decided to simply enjoy the event rather than photograph it, so I am hoping others got a few good shots! Everything was just too cute not to document, so I know somebody must have!  We are continuing to prepare for the little guy around this neck of the woods. :)

As for baby and I, we are still growing. I think I'm at the "I'm huge" stage. Or so I feel. 31 weeks and counting. Most of all we want a healthy, happy baby boy, but I sure wouldn't be opposed if this little guy came before the full 40 weeks! I think most mammas probably feel this way. We are eager to meet the little booger, but until then I will enjoy these last weeks with our boy just where he is.

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