Nursery sneak peek: Holland's hide-a-way.

6:49 PM

It's simple, it's sweet. It is ready for our Holland.

Just a sneak peek for now.

Good news though folks, hubs and I are looking into getting a REAL camera. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully you blog readers will only have to suffer a short time more from my lack of quality photos.


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  1. I love his nursery. It's so cute and quite suiting!! Its only missing one thing... ... ...him! Soon though!!
    Your photos are quality! You should see mine, very old phone and cracked lens on camers but it never took great photos. I def don't feel like i'm suffering! A camera will be handy for all those special Holland moments though!
    I like mine....its a Nikon CoolPix....touchscreen and didgital, small, not bulky.



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