Recipe Share: Breakfast Rice

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Goodmorning, or afternoon rather.
I have a recipe to share with you, well sort of, I will give you the ingredients and some ideas, the portions are up to you. And whether you keep it a healthy dish or not. This dish could go either way, from health nut to well, rice pudding.

Lately, I've been making a big batch of this "breakfast rice" early in the week. I try to keep it fairly healthy. It keeps great in the fridge and makes for a quick, easy, warm breakfast, or I suppose you could eat it cold too.

So here it is…breakfast rice.

These are the must haves:

Cooked brown rice (if you're feeling fancy cook it in coconut milk for extra flavor)
Mashed ripe bananas, even over ripe. This is your sweetening agent in this recipe.
Milk. Coconut, almond, soy, whatever you use. We use coconut.

And here are the glorious add ins/options:

Grains and seeds (teff, chia seeds, flax)
Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans)
Protein powder

So take your pick of any or all of the above.  Place your desired amount of brown rice, mashed banana, and milk into a sauce pot. Bring to a boil. Add in your choice of add-ins. :)
Stir and simmer together for 10 minutes or so to let all the flavors really come together.

Dish up what you want, store the rest in tupperware.

You can stop here if you want, by why not add in some toppings?

Topping ideas:

sliced banana
peanut butter
cocoa covered crushed nuts
coconut flakes
maple syrup

…you get the point

and well of course you can always add more coconut milk and/or butter (if you want something a little less healthful). My husband would add about 10 spoonfuls of brown sugar. ;)

We keep our rice base pretty thick, and thin it up to our likeness by adding coconut milk just before eating after reheating. Treat it like oatmeal. Make it to your taste and consistency.

And enjoy your new breakfast rice! Get creative.

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