Meals! Week 12 & 13

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I somehow have an almost 7 month old. I am astounded. My baby is getting big. And he crawls now. It isn't a perfected yet, but I'm pretty sure in about a week he will be zipping around this place! Time to secure the cupboards we've been putting off. Our Holland now has four teeth, yes, FOUR. I am going to miss that little gummy smile, but luckily this one is looking pretty cute too. I just hope those top two teeth are closer together than they are appearing right now. ;) Braces may be in our future. Ha, who am I kidding, they are totally in our future. My husband and I both had them.

Anyhow, back to meals. Better late than never, right?

This should catch us up.

Meals! Week 12

Monday: Dinner out
Tuesday: Udon with steamed salmon
Wednesday: Mongolian beef and brown rice (the meat was pretty tough according to my husband, but that could have been my fault on the cut I chose…london broil?)
Thursday: Homemade pizza!
Friday: Pizza left-overs :)
Saturday: Pan Bagnat: le french tuna salad sandwich (so good and it's suppose to sit, so a sandwich you actually should make ahead!)
Sunday: Superbowl snacks all day

Meals! Week 13

Monday: Dinner with friends
Tuesday: An evening in San Francisco ( Hubby had left-over pizza from Whole Foods and I ate oatmeal before we left) Ha! We don't always cook. ;)
Wednesday: Winter citrus salad (I'm eating this now. It is fabulous and I am ready for seconds)
Thursday: Shaved brussels sprouts and soba with a ginger honey sauce
Friday: White bean and tapenade spread on toasts
Saturday: Potato galettes & chicken apple sausage (We are adding in carrots and zucchini to get our veggies in)
Sunday: Slow cooker recipe!! Peppered beef shank in red wine sauce over polenta

Happy mid-week friends!

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