A special visit from GEORGIA!

9:44 PM

This last weekend we had some very special visitors. My brother and sister-in-law made a trip from Georgia to come meet their nephew! It was a quick but well enjoyed trip. And I think Holland quite enjoyed his Auntie and Uncle. We sure did.

We did our best to fit in what we could and snap a few pictures. However, I wish we had more. Wine tasting, chinese, bowling, omelets, sushi, church, coffee shops, In and Out, visiting, farkle, good old family time. I'd say we did pretty good for two days, but it really did fly by.

It's a shame distance makes frequent visits difficult. But we will be keeping our eye on ticket prices.

And with that said, baby will also be venturing on his first flight next month (any flight/packing tips totally welcome). It is time for some family time on Oahu. (Dogsitter anyone?? ;) ) This little boy has great grandparents eager to meet him along with a long line of other family members. And we have a new baby to meet! I cannot wait! My baby seems rather grown up already.

We are fortunate to have family like we do even if a little distance separates us.

Thanks for making the trip out Stephen and Melissa! We love you!


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