Life as of late

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Life as of late…fun, tiring exhausting, rewarding, allergies (gah, so so bad), mamma hood, kids parties and wedding showers..birthdays! Trip planning…SUMMER VACATION!

It's been good, it's been busy. I have 500 photos waiting for me to upload them, yes, seriously 500, it is daunting. Menu plans that never got posted. Posts that never got posted. Ha! But sometimes life just happens and it definitely precedents before this blog.

But praise the Lord tomorrow is my husband's last day of school for the semester, this week is my last week of work (for the past 4 1/2 years I've been blessed with the world's best boss and privileged to care for the most well-behaved children I know), and next week marks the start of my husband's paternity leave. He saved it up until now and shortly we get to spend SIX weeks of pure bliss with him. No school, no work. I can hardly believe it is actually happening. I am so giddy! Sooo…we are entering a new season around here, one in which I am gladly welcoming. We will be adjusting to one income, me as a full-time stay at home mom, (my dream job since I was about 10, for real) and NO MORE junior colleges! Woo hoo! Hubs is finally off to a university come fall. Between the two of us, we've had our fair share at jcs.

And that my friends is just a teensy-tiny bit of what's been going on around here.

And here are a few of my favorite photos from April. Yes…April. May, we will get to you one day. ;)

sunny mornings lounging in bed (ok, ok, sunny mornings chasing holland)

wentworth's revealing the gender of baby #2 to us in an oh-so-cute manner! 
bathtime, it is often the best time.

good old play with my boy.

a little trying on of hats,

and dancing in the kitchen with papa.

kisses from mamma

a birthday celebration for dani!

meal-time cuteness


uncle time!

and family time at my parents

with sister in the kitchen.

where holland decided to stand for the first time, when we had the camera in hand!

April, you were fun, but I'm glad you're over! 

This life we live is beautiful.

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