He's ONE!

10:08 PM


One year ago today you came into our lives and there is not a moment I am not thankful for. Happy birthday sweet boy.

Today our Holland is ONE! Today also marks the end of my husband's SIX weeks off (hence my absence). No school, no work, just us. We loved every moment of it. And we enjoyed the last few moments celebrating our Holland's birthday as a family before Will had to headed off to work this afternoon.

Birthday breakfast, the park, and an afternoon cupcake for the little man. And somehow, come cupcake time, not a drop of cupcake anywhere besides his mouth. No squishing, no frosting in the hair, nada. Not even a smudge on his clothes. What?! Not what I expected. He ate it like an old pro and kindly signed to me when he was all done. Seriously, kiddo?

To finish the day, we headed a town over for our little man to spend the rest of his day with his best bud, and grandpa and uncle for an evening visit. I can't wait for party time Saturday. It's sort of like we are celebrating our little man all week and I LOVE it.

Holland Cooper, thank you for making this year the best year of my life. I can no longer imagine life without you, it's as if you've been with us always. You are an absolute gift. You're goofy and sweet, snuggly and mischievous, and a whole lot of boy! I couldn't ask for a better son. Just don't grow up too fast, ok?

Love always,

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