A few photos from Holland's birthday.

6:53 PM

We celebrated with a backyard bbq surrounded by friends and family. Pie, sliders, mini hot dogs, pb&j, macaroni and cheese and a few other goodies did the trick. We ate and played to our hearts content or rather until nap time hit and all the kids hit a wall within minutes of each other ;) The party actually felt a lot like a marathon. Run, run, run, done!

You are one little man. Way to go.

He wore that hat for approximately two seconds, caught here

and then this happened, before it made it's way to his mouth and then, of course, the floor.

lunch date with grandma!

He loved every second of the birthday song. I wish we had taped it. All giggles and smiles, he may have even clapped for himself.

Happy one Holland!

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