Life as of late(ish)

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Hold on folks, it's going to be a long one. I's been awhile.  Bahaha, that might be my signature saying around here. We will call this one life as of late(ish).  I *might* have just took snippets from my instagram feed all the way back to July. Summer in a snapshot, anyone? I stopped myself at Holland's birthday. You're welcome. ;)

So, here we are. Life as of late(ish)…

Sweet, sweet blanket snuggles

And mamma snuggles :)

Park play days

Grins full of teeth

Duck feeding

Puppy teasing. He's attempting to coax the dog out from under the bed with that piece of bread.
Tools, tools, and more tools. Play is hard work.

A little cleaning action with friends.

Bath shark!

Butterfly fun at the fair!

Checking out farm animals

Hey mom! Goats!

I went back and fourth on this one, posting my son's butt on the internet and all, but just couldn't resist. Look at those buns!

More bath time crazies.

A tip of the hat.

More mamma snuggles….I'll take em!

Skate park excursions with dad and friends

Puggle snuggles or puggle pillow rather ;)

Here dad, it's for you!

What's a summer without playing in the hose? Like

Bocce champ!

Really Holland? Really?? He gets me.

Pool party! Thanks D!!

Muffins, muffins, and more muffins!

Garden watering. *Note the tongue sticking out. Serious business ;)

Sweet, sweet boy. I love you.

Aren't they the best?

Carousel rides! 

Mess making!

Again, mamma snuggles. Told you I'd take them!

Trying to be friends. It's a work in progress.. :/ TOTALLY open to tips.

Someone finally found my potato basket. And insists they be lined up on the counter.

Errr…or on the floor with his toy cars of course.

I see you! ^^^

Rainboots for fall have arrived!!!

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And someone may have recently boycotted their highchair, but thankfully decided it wasn't so bad after all and is back in it now. Whew. Not quite ready yet.

Bell pepper munching from the garden.

Again, serious business.

Need I say it again. And snugs.

A recent trip to the fire station left us with ongoing fire fighting fun.

A late night snack. Feed your dinner to the dog, wake up starving. Lesson learned.

A little diy pumpkin spice latte action. Make your own here.

Car rides

and boat trips.

Dog walks

and beautiful fall art from our walks.

Baby gate down! Helping dad with the final touches. Always helping dad :)

Basket rides

Halloween practice. Aka, keep the hat on Holland practice. ;)

Quinoa messes

but it's ok, because he REALLY likes it.

Trips to the store for free balloons!

Lazy Sundays.

A shameless selfie. Guilty.

Too much problem solving ^^ 

Morning dates

Pumpkin picking.

An AMAZING Chinese Acrobat show by Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats and a much needed night out with my husband. He planned it all. Thank you babe!


Homemade cookies. Lots of cookies. Always.

Seriously, rock on Holland. Rock on.

A moment I've been waiting for. Baking with my boy!

He's such a good sport. Horsey rides.

And wagon rides.

Kitchen pals on Saturday mornings.

And last but not least, one more picture to make you smile. At least it does me!

Aren't you glad I stopped there? Haha, who is still with me? Seventy something photos later. Maybe I should have stopped at about twenty, but there you have it. Summer in a snapshot.

Hello brisk fall mornings, holidays, and cozy mornings inside. We are ready for you.

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  1. Such a a cutie pie!!!!!!!!! Auntie is now grinning from ear to ear, thank you!!



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