A day with Max, King of the Wild Things

10:25 PM

Yesterday, I had the honor of spending the day with Max, King of the Wild Things. And my Holland might have been the cutest Max I ever saw. Totally not biased. Yeah….right. ;)

I sort of want him to wear this tail forever.

See what I mean?

We aren't real big Halloween people but felt like we should do something, so to celebrate we carved a pumpkin together, sorted the seeds, did a whole lot of laundry because let's be real, it never disappears even when it's a holiday, and then headed out for a little trick-or-treating and a visit at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Last year it rained and we skipped the whole going out thing opting to hand out candy instead, so this was Holland's first year out. And he caught on quick, I mean real quick! Not that he had any idea what people were giving him nor what he was putting in his bag. But it was fun, and our little wild thing tromped down the sidewalks, tail swinging from side to side, happy as a clam raaaring all the while. Never have we heard him raar before nor growl, nor did we practice but it was absolutely fitting and absolutely adorable. I thought my heart might explode. My husband and I definitely shared a couple is this, is HE for real?? glances at each other. I guess it still amazes us that this is our son and this is real life. Our life. And what an absolute gift it is. What a gift our son is. The joy he brings us is immeasurable. Forever ingrained in my mind will be the image of our little wild thing last night, Halloween people or not.

And to those who gave our 15-month old goldfish, pretzels, fruit snacks, tattoos, raisins (no joke, he actually danced for the raisins), and mixed nuts (ahem, Grandma) THANK YOU! He will enjoy all of them!

And to those who passed out loads and loads of candy giving even a handful or full-sized candy bar to our little 15-month old, THANK YOU! :) We feel like big kids and are throughly enjoying it! Seriously though, no self-restraint when it comes to candy in the house like this though. It's a good thing I don't buy it!

And now back to Max.

Did he lay it on or what? ^^

With Auntie. Errr…I mean a hippie?!

And one last time, Happy Halloween. 

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  1. These are absolutely stunning photos of Max, Mallorie!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! What a clever costume :) xo Holly

  2. Thank you Holly! We had a ton of fun with our little wild thing ;)



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