We went to the Christmas tree farm!

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 This past week we went to the Christmas tree farm. It's become our tradition. One of our only ones!? We're working on it. ;) Anyhow, we go to the same one each year and thus far have come home with a small potted tree each time (in hopes of using the same one next year….but they haven't survived yet, whoops). This marks year three, which is a little crazy to say, because I feel like we just got married, but I guess we do have an almost 1 1/2 year old! Seriously, time flies.

Holland had the time of his life. Space to roam, sheep, chickens, his dad, and uncle. And sticks, everywhere. I think he only tripped about 500 times on stumps, but he's tough. A quick brush off and good to go. Each time we go out to the country he flourishes. Sometimes it makes me a little sad that he can't just roam where we are being so central, but we just do other things and it makes those times in the country extra special. Perhaps one day we will be country dwellers, but for now, city it is, which definitely has perks of it's own.

So, here we have it, a little Christmas tree to make our home feel…well, Christmas-y. And I'd be lying not to say I haven't been lighting a Christmas tree scented candle every night, listening to it crackle (because apparently they makes candles with wood wicks like that now, best thing ever) so you can pretend you have a fireplace. A few lights are up, a wreath is hung, little pinecones are strewn about the house. I love it.

And for the first time, in a long time, we will be home for Christmas. And though Holland was with us last year, I am really excited to see the expression on his face for our first Christmas morning home around our own tree. Each morning as it is, he shouts with glee at the Christmas lights on (or points out they are not on and should be), chuckles at the tree and proceeds to the kitchen. I totally get a kick out of how he notices and loves what he sees.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Will you share?

Merry Christmas!

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