and so we went to the beach and stayed until dusk.

7:11 PM

the weather has been nothing short of unbelievable and so we snuck away and went to the beach twice this week, on weekdays, and even in a row. i'm not quite sure how it worked out, but it did, and it was rather amazing. sun shining, the lightest sea breeze, just right. watching our son sort through the same pebbles i did on many afternoons as a child was so pleasing. seeing him in awe of each pebble, piece of seaweed, drift wood, shell, and occasional piece of sea glass. absolutely heartwarming. as he sit sifting through each pebble, we did too, collecting our own treasures along the way, as i remember my parents doing at this very beach. and we began to fill up our own little jar of treasures, of memories. each tiny piece of sea glass to tell a story. there is something so beautifully reminiscent about it. therapeutic really. and before we knew it the afternoon was gone, the sun setting. and so we set for home, but are yearning to go back already.

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