1:27 PM

isn't baby bed head just the best? ^
it's been a little quiet in these parts as we've enjoyed some time with out-of-town family. this past week my father-in-law has been in town for a visit. along with a day visit from my godmother. mornings have been filled with snuggles and cartoons, afternoons with walks and stories on the couch, almost daily trips to the park, a fishing trip for the boys, i was even sent away for a pedicure. it's been a casual, lovely time. we enjoyed every minute and it went all too fast.

the week ahead will bring more visitors and spring break. it's been a time to look forward to, to say the least. we feel so loved and so blessed.

and in the midst of it all, spring has decided to make it's arrival. i really could not ask for more. this is a beautiful life.

friends until the end ^^

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