easter as three

11:15 PM

easter as three looked a little something like this...a basket awaiting holland in the morning, church to celebrate christ's death and resurrection (let's not forget about that part), a sweet afternoon filled with naps and lounging and a little bit of yard work (we've got a lot to do folks), and an easter ham dinner, proceeded by an egg hunt.

now a grandpa, my dad carried on a tradition brought about years ago by my grandparents, filling one gold egg with a little extra cash, sending the adults out on a hunt for eggs as well, and to my astonishment and with a little help from my almost-two-year-old partner in crime, we found it this year. actually, we totally got lucky and stumbled upon it. but hey, we'll take it.

the day was simple. the joy was great. and now as i sit back and look at these photos, i am reminded of the immeasurable amount of joy i am brought each and every day from this gift of a family the lord has given me. and also reminded to watch my patience, hold my tongue, be thankful and give praise for each and every moment with them. reminded to sometimes just sit, and be still and soak it all in, to be in the moment, to put aside my wandering heart and materialistic desires and thank the lord for what i do have, because he has truly given me my hearts deepest desires (as if giving himself wasn't enough, because it totally was) and sometimes i totally take it all for granted. from what he did on the cross for each and every one of us, to the blessings he continues to bestow upon us through celebration and triumph and sometimes even trial.

all that to say, i am really grateful to have had this time to celebrate the lord's death and resurrection with family so close to my heart.

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