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you are twenty-two months old.

you love trucks and birds and cars. noodles (or at least saying the word), ducks, airplanes and helicopters. you love babies and curious george. giving nog (we will call these love head butts), your daddy and your tape measure. you love "fixing" things around the house and your tools are your go to toy. you love building with lego blocks, and snuggles in the morning. you love your pillows. you love elmo and your school bus tent, trucks and dough doughs, also known as donuts. peas and edamame, corn, yogurt of any kind, catsup and shaved parmesan cheese. apple chips, dried cranberries, and honey toast.

you don't like mangos or pears (at the moment).

you help me with the laundry, you hand me the clean dishes, you sweep with your broom and you pretend to vacuum when i do.

you could live outside and you love water and the hose with a serious passion. you still love to dance. you love your hat.

you love the beach and have just discovered your shadow.

you love the letter d.

you aren't the best at sharing, but we'll get there. you love to "trade" with friends (with no boundaries) to get the items you want…again, we'll get there.  you're persistent. you're loving, you're kind, you're goofy and sometimes a handful. you're sweet and caring and smart. you tinker with pretty much everything.

you love motorcycles and bicycles. you think most men are "daddies" and most women are "mommies". everyone else is an auntie, uncey, or baby.

if we were to get a dog anytime soon, i am pretty sure we'd have to name him hundley, like in curious george, and you would be beyond thrilled.

you tell everything hi and everything bye. bye house. bye bird. bye bug. bye ball.

you're becoming weary of new foods and say things you don't feel like are "yucky" but we know they're not. ;)

your hair is picking up more wave by the day and grows faster than the weeds. you still have a slice of blue in your left eye.

you are learning a new word almost everyday and still sign to us some. you finally say please thought it comes out as peas. you enjoy to color and you love playdough.

you make nap and bedtime so easy. we are lucky.

you love the swings and spinning in a circle until you tip over saying "weeee weeee weee". you use my oven mittens as wings and become a bird.

you love bubbles.

muslin blankets serve as your lovey which you now generously offer up to myself and your dad, and stuffed animals at night. we know how much you love them and we feel honored when you think to share them.

each day is a gift with you.

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