a shower for clark.

10:51 PM

once upon a time (not so long ago) i was 36 weeks pregnant and my dear friend threw me the most beautiful baby shower. i was absolutely convinced our little clark would be early and actually wondered if i'd even make it to my shower. he most definitely wasn't early (ahem, rather four LONG days late) and my shower was absolutely gorgeous, scattered with antlers and succulents, lots of pregnant mammas and the cutest babes in town. i do believe my entire home could be decorated as so and it would be just perfect. we dined on just about every goodie you can think of, from iced chai, to three different kinds of scones, fruits and pasta, funfetti, cheesecake, and sparkling lemonade, an assortment of cheese and chocolate, and the best rosemary crackers you've ever had. we spent most of our time visiting with one another in the coolness of the morning. a book was passed along with clark's name to be filled in according to each letter, silly sayings were written on diapers to make me smile at those 2 am changes, and we were prayed for and showered with gifts and love. it was truly a lovely affair. thank you ladies for making the day so special.

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