brother's // holland and clark

11:36 PM

three weeks ago this little muffin was in my belly. today he lay on the rug gazing curiously at his big brother and his brother back at him as they learn how to behave around one another, both equally new at this role thrown at them. bringing clark into our family has been a dream. he is sweet and snuggly, curious, yet calm, quick to make eye contact and hold it like i have never seen. and holland is full of so much love for his baby brother. he is eager to help, sometimes a little loud, and very inclusive. "i get clark" he says, "clark come!?" inquisitively asking with each move we make. "i hold clark hand" with each diaper change. we've been blessed with these boys, thoroughly. though, don't be fooled, we mostly definitely have our moments (you know the ones where both kids are crying, you're starving and tired, it's suppose to be nap time, and then someone poops all over the (carpeted) floor? yep, we have them too) but right now these moments are trumping those and i am holding them tight.

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