10:20 PM

we spent our first couple weeks of the new year with our family on oahu. it was one of the best times we've had in a long time. it was also chucked with a few challenges. i'll just say, flying with a 2.5 year old with an ear infection is definitely the least favorite thing i've done as a mother yet. but warm weather and family awaited us, along with one very kind woman one our plane. if you ever happen to read this, you have no idea how much your kindness and laid back attitude meant to us. thank you. once we kicked our colds, we had a fabulous time. if you follow me at all on instagram, you've already seen a whole feed full of photos. it's hard not to take 1000 photos when you are in such a beautiful place full of so many people you love. if you missed those (or just want to see some more), here are some photos we took with our canon eos 60d.

 i look at these photos an feel nothing short of joy and absolute gratitude that this is my family.


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