christmas part 2

12:24 AM

we see you with those candy canes mister.
my first post of the new year and i'm still talking about christmas, but we had like three, and believe it or not, i don't think we're done yet. please tell me we aren't the only ones like this? we've actually been trying to wind the whole subject down for a couple weeks now with holland and remind him why we celebrate christmas and give/recieve gifts (the birth of jesus/he is our gift). not to be a buzz kill, but it is january eighth now...and he's super into the gift thing this year.  receiving the gifts that is. just today he asked me if he was getting more presents. child, you have enough. i promise. but i am happy you enjoyed christmas because i love it too and that's a part of childhood i want you to remember. the anticipation, the excitement, weeks and months of counting down, the magical feeling of christmas morning finally arriving. here's to your third christmas holland, and clark's first. we're lad to have you boys here.

our christmas celebration with my parents was small, casual, and a little wild considering grandpa had holland use his new chainsaw to open each and every gift!! i think grandpa and holland equally enjoyed holland's new tools. overall, the day was just right.

 i can't imagine what next year will look like with them both boys running around! let the craziness commence. i think we are in for it.

we've totally entered the age of flashlights. how'd that happen already?
bracelet for mommy, teething ring for clark.

family photo attempt #1
and #2...come on clark man.

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