milestones|8 months

9:46 PM

so 7 months went out the window.

but here's what's happening now:
  • speed crawling. and i mean it, as in i have never seen a baby crawl so fast. clark zips to and fro like there is no tomorrow.
  • cruises along furniture.
  • stands unassisted for several seconds at a time.
  • has two more teeth! S L O W L Y , but surely these teeth are working their way in.
  • says "mama" and "dada" (dada came first) and whines what sounds like "nigh nigh" when overly tired.
  •  signs "all done"
  • walks with push wagon and becomes all kinds of angry if anything stands in his way (i.e. a wall or doorway)
  • jumps up a storm in his johnny jump up
  • loves yogurt
  • loves bathtime, but hates when it ends
  • STILL wakes 3-5+ times every single night

i am exhausted but i get to be his mama and that in it's self is worth it. extra snuggles and night nursing when all else is still is how we fill our nights, and come morning he beams with joy. joy has been his constant, making it near impossible to resent the many restless nights.

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