point reyes.

2:49 PM

day trips are my favorite, the kind when you feel a world away but  really are only hours from your home, if that. the kind where the drive is beautiful, the kids are behaved, and the drive home is silent with two little bopping heads in the backseat. the kind where you quietly pull-up to your favorite drive-through coffee shop because you are nearing home and the kids are still sleeping. the moment at which you smile at your husband, grab his hand and just keep driving because the late afternoon has now turned into what we like to refer to as a car date. talk goes uninterupted, you arrive home sandy but caffeniated, and begin to unpack as sleepy eyes slowly open, only to feed, plop in a bubble bath and tuck in once more. those days, those are my favorite.

even now i scroll through these photos, grow warm inside and smile. reminisce.tThe day was utterly perfect. the sky grey, but without wind. friends, mimosas, the beach, a bonfire, passing by dolphins. giggling toddlers and a happy babe. i could not ask for more. i want to remember this day for a long, long time. if i could relive it daily, i would. even the part where holland collected the creepiest of sand critters.


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