milestones | 9 months

10:35 PM

somehow NINE months hit and clark decided to just do the rest of the baby stuff all at once. this seems to just be the way things go with him. he went from this super sleepy newborn who really didn't do much up until five or so months to all of a sudden, boom, rolling, crawling, teeth, solids...and this month he went ahead and finished the rest of it (aside from the whole sleeping through the night thing).

here's what he is doing...
  • claps
  • blows kisses
  • has nearly five teeth
  • uses a straw
  • drinks from a sippy
  • pretty much has said so long to the purees, bring on the finger foods!
  • gives kisses
  • climbs in and out of big brother's bed
  • WALKS (say what!?) this technically started at the end of him being 8 months

and in case you missed it (i shared this over on my instagram account) here's a super cute video of those first few steps! i could watch it 100 times. lucky for my mom she was here to witness it and totally instigated it. it was the sweetest.

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