holland's dinosaur party

8:46 PM

saturday we celebrated holland's third birthday. there were dinosaurs, chocolate cake with sprinkles, friends, and painting, per his request. he likes to keep me on my toes…all of his primarily three-year-old friends and paint, a lot of paint. thanks holland. ;) 
our day started out with our (big) boy pouring himself his own bowl of cereal, the birthday song, which he also sings along to, and facetime from his grandpa across the ocean who gave him directions on where to find his birthday surprise. it was so special to watch it all unfold, and to see the joy on their faces as he unveiled his new tricycle. then, it was party time.
my mom drew out twenty-four feet of dino madness (thank you!) for the kids to paint. we hung it on our fence, put out the decor, opened up the paint, and the kids arrived. they ran, they played, they jumped with dinosaurs, and popped every single balloon on the trampoline in all of maybe five minutes. they dug for dinos, we served up cake, opened gifts, handed out treasure rocks, and just as fast as the party started, it was over.
holland was showered with so much love and more gifts than a boy could ask for. i feel blessed to have been able to capture some of the magic in the midst of toddler craziness. friends, thank you for blessing our boy.
after the party, we went out for burgers, opened every single toy, and tucked our tired selves into bed. at the end of the day he said his favorite part was all of it.
(mission accomplished)

happy birthday holland. we love you to the moon and back (and to the moon again).

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  1. what a fun looking party! happy, happy birthday to Holland :-)



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