christmas 2015

10:17 PM


we spent christmas in beautiful southern oregon surrounded by family and snow. it was the perfect white christmas, waking up to snowflakes falling down on christmas eve day and snow that stuck just through christmas night, making way for a clear and beautiful, crisp drive home. we loved every minute, although very little sleep went on. we put the pac n play mattress in upside down and covered it with a sheet (oops) the first two nights, which made perfect sense as to why clark woke up every.single.time i laid him down no matter how asleep he was in my arms. that thing is hard upside down. you'd think we're rookies or something. sleep went much better after that.

the day was great. simple, just the way i like it. i took just a few photos on christmas morning, pretty much what you see here (no family photo this year), a couple on my iphone of the boys in the snow, and then put the gadgets away to enjoy one another. sometimes it's just better that way, and also really hard for me, but necessary. we taught holland how to make snow balls and his first snowman, bounced on a snow covered trampoline, drank a bunch of coffee, ate a lot of food, watched the kids with their cousins, and enjoyed being together in a warm and welcoming house with a cozy fire, and elf on the tv, because i mean, come on. my ideal holiday is exactly this.

santa brought the boys a work bench to share and stuffed their stockings to the brim with chocolates, puzzles, robot claws, and tops, and a pair of chopsticks which h had been asking for, for months (of all things). you bet he ate his pancakes with them.

i can hardly believe the holiday season is over, but it has come with a sweet close. 2016, we are ready for you.


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