tree hunt 2015

9:16 PM

last week we wandered up to our favorite christmas tree farm and got ourselves a tree. we don't have a lot of family traditions (yet) but this one is dear to us, being the owner is like family. the trees have been taunting me since before thanksgiving so i was more than ready to bring one home.

holland leaped out of the car faster than lightning, clark close behind. i feel like i say it all the time, but it still amazes me what a year can bring. last year clark was just a bundle of love all wrapped up in his carrier sound asleep on my chest. this year, he roamed the depths of the farm, solo. i love seeing our boys in nature, all wild and free lost in their own imaginations.

if you missed last years post, make sure to check it here. holland hammed it up. if you want to see holland at clark's age, you can see that here.

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