Hello again.

10:09 PM

Well hello.
So guess what? I am a married woman now. Our wedding was just perfect! Boy oh boy, do I love my husband. We had a wonderful honeymoon on the Hawaiian islands (Big Island, Maui, & Oahu)!! We were lucky enough to get to spend 2 full weeks there, yes 2 weeks! Our time together was so lovely. I started journaling to try to capture the moments, or at least some of them, so that someday when we are old and grey we can sit together on our front porch and read that journal. ♥
Anyhow, we went horseback riding, it was my first time ever, swimming, body boarding, snorkeling and all that good stuff, exploring, and also enjoyed many days simply lounging together soaking up every minute of our first days together as husband and wife. Aaahh, it was nice, and so refreshing!!
And now...back to real life! However, it really hasn't been bad, nor felt like reality. We came home to mounds of gifts. The generosity we have experienced and continue to experience from our friends and family has been on many occasions breathtaking.
I am having so much fun setting up our home together and doing wife-like things I guess you could say (i.e. preparing meals, cleaning, my husband's laundry, working on getting our budget together, talks of the future...) Some of these things may sound boring to you, but I have found them all quite exciting. It is silly how something like laundry can suddenly be fun when it is for the one you love.
Anyhow, I just wanted to put in a quick post. More will follow. I have tried and few new recipes and they were a total success so stay tuned and I will share those with you later along with a few tips I use when it comes to pre-preparing meals if that makes any sense at all to you. ;) Oh, and wedding photos!! We haven't gotten any yet, but when we do I will share those as well.


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  1. i really enjoyed reading that. quite cute. i love you sissy and my new brother in law.



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