Apartment living no more!

8:55 PM

Well guys, we are moved and our old apartment is cleaned. Praise the Lord! And, boy, does it feel good. We are loving our new place. We especially love being right downtown. It is so convenient! We walked to church this morning in literally about two and a half minutes.

Amazingly, we got everything moved, unpacked, and totally set-up in a day thanks to some wonderful friends and family members. We have been in our new place just one night so far and it already feels like home. I have never had a new living situation feel settled so fast. Perhaps it is because we have been in and out of this place for two weeks fixing things up? Anyhow, I'm not complaining! It is a wonderful feeling.

I am looking forward for life to (hopefully) slow down this week. This weekend alone we had a graduation to attend, a birthday, my grandparents in town, and the move! We did it all, but a slow week ahead sounds oh so appealing...a little baking, some kick-back time, maybe a movie or two, a coffee date, yes please!!

How was your holiday weekend?

Tomorrow we are getting out of town for a little trip to ikea and some shopping time!

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